With the improvement of living standards and the growth of population, housing is becoming increasingly tight. Many people choose to self-build or buy a house in the city. The most important thing in building a house is the foundation. The foundation must be an excavator piling arm. Therefore, more and more excavators are modified with piling arms.

Many excavator friends have this question.

Is it good to modify the piling arm of the newly purchased excavator? In fact, it is not recommended to modify new excavators. Why is it not recommended to retrofit piling arms for new excavators? It’s the same as buying a new car. If you modify it as soon as you buy it, it will be a waste of original parts.          

Generally speaking, new excavators have a warranty or warranty period because the load on the excavator will increase after the excavator piling arm is modified. Moreover, if the warranty expires, it is easy to have after-sales service disputes with the original manufacturer.   

If something goes wrong, is the original manufacturer responsible? Or is the modification manufacturer responsible? Therefore, it is definitely not recommended to modify the excavator piling arm for a new excavator.  

What if yours is an old excavator?

In fact, from a technical point of view, it is not recommended, because the old excavator itself has a certain lifespan, and all machines have a lifespan. The service life of the old excavator is relatively old, and the performance in all aspects has declined. In addition, The processing of the excavator piling arm itself also has a certain weight. It is difficult to exert the efficiency of the excavator piling arm. It may even be slow in movement and weak in operation.

Therefore, for those who want to modify the excavator piling arm, 60%-80% of new excavators are more suitable. Modified into an excavator piling arm.we has more than ten years of modification experience, complete models, favorable prices, quality assurance, and perfect after-sales. Welcome to consult!

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