Sprocket Rim

JuLi delivers sprockets and segments for a very complete range of machines, from 0.8 to 100 tons. The sprockets and segments are suitable for both excavators and bulldozers.

The sprockets are first molded or forged and subsequently processed, giving them a special heat treatment. If steel does not contain sufficient quantities of carbon, then it becomes brittle during the hardening process. If only the surface is hardened, then the sprocket or segment will wear very fast over time. Therefore the sprocket teeth are hardened by means of induction hardening. JuLi segments are forged with precision, finished and hardened under special conditions.

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Sprockets and segments, also known in the branch as cogwheels, run between the excavator or bulldozer chain links. Moreover, this undercarriage component runs over the bushing that connects the two links of a chain. The cogwheel is installed around the machine’s drive gear and only serves to drive the chain, so it does not bear any of the machine’s weight.

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