On December 30, 2021, Mayor Yu Hongsheng went to the Meilie Economic Development Zone to participate in the first batch of enterprises entering the Quansan High-end Equipment Industrial Park and the completion ceremony of some projects in the industrial park, and to investigate the construction of key projects. Deputy Mayor Lin Junde participated in the event.

The Quansan High-end Equipment Industrial Park has six newly introduced companies including Huali Heavy Industry, Hengsheng Chassis Manufacturing, Mingquan Heavy Industry, Hengguanda Heavy Industry Equipment, Yongxingsheng Machinery Manufacturing, and Nanyi Machinery Equipment. 233 mu, with a total investment of 1.25 billion yuan, and an estimated output value of about 2 billion yuan after it is completed and put into production. Two enterprises in the Economic Development Zone have completed construction, namely the Fujian (Sanming) 5D Intelligent Valley Project and the 60,000-volume non-asphalt-based self-adhesive waterproofing membrane production project invested by Fujian Tonglang Building Materials Development Company.

Yu Hongsheng pointed out in the survey that it is necessary to continue to accelerate the pace of park infrastructure construction and provide project land for 22 other contracted enterprises as soon as possible; to continue to improve service levels and actively help coordinate and solve project construction problems; to continue to increase investment in the industrial chain , Strive to introduce more high-end equipment enterprise projects from Quanzhou and other places into the park. It is hoped that all project owners will pay close attention to the golden construction season and strive to be completed and put into operation in August 2021

Source: Sanming Rong Media Center (Author: Liu Yansong and Huang Shuxiang)

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