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Structural form and working principle of excavator track rollers

As the main load-bearing structural component of crawler rotary drilling rigs, especially in large-tonnage crawler rotary drilling rigs, the design and manufacturing quality of track wheels are directly related to the overall safety of the drilling rig. The working conditions of crawler rotary drilling rigs are complex. In some special hoisting conditions or boom conditions, only some of the track wheels are stressed.

Therefore, the arrangement of the track wheels is sparse in the middle and dense at the ends. In order to meet the requirements of the crawler As the weight of the rotary drilling rig gradually increases, the number and structural parameters of the track wheels increase accordingly. The track wheels are installed at the bottom of the track frame and roll with the bottom surface of the belt plate when walking. The installation form is often open in small tonnage. Type, closed structure is adopted in large tonnage.

Quality requirements for excavator track rollers

Excavator rollers are one of the important accessories of the excavator. They are used to support the weight of the excavator while rolling on the guide rails (rail links) or track decks of the crawler tracks. They are also used to limit the crawler tracks and prevent lateral slippage. . The track wheels force the tracks to slide on the ground as the excavator turns. Excavator rollers are often exposed to mud, water, and dust, and are subject to strong impacts. Therefore, they are required to have reliable sealing, wear-resistant rims, and low rolling resistance.

Common problems with excavator track roller

1. The excavator roller body is worn.

The reason for this situation is that the steel used is unqualified or the hardness of the material during heat treatment is low and the wear resistance is insufficient;

2. The excavator roller is leaking oil.

The supporting wheel shaft is constantly rotating through the bushing, and the wheel body needs to be lubricated with oil. However, if the sealing ring is not good, oil leakage will easily occur. In this way, the shaft and bushing will easily wear without lubrication, causing The product cannot be used.

How excavator track roller products prevent these problems

1. High temperature treatment enhances willfulness

Our excavator track roller and caterpillar E240B Track Roller have been treated at high temperatures and uses a variety of media, which greatly increases the physical properties of the product and increases its toughness, allowing it to easily cope with uphill, downhill and bumpy situations.

2. Thickened steel has stable performance

Our excavator track roller and caterpillar E240B Track Roller adopts thickened and stable steel, good welding performance, simple structure, easy assembly, interchangeable, and easy installation and maintenance.

3.Scientific design reduces wear and tear

Maintain working accuracy for a long time to reduce wear and tear, can accept loads from different directions, and can be calm and quiet even when carrying a load.

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