The undercarriage is the base of any excavator that includes the tracks, rollers, idlers, and other components that keep the upper structure moving. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of key Kubota excavator undercarriage parts is essential to maximize the life and performance of your machine.

Among the most important Kubota excavator parts to periodically inspect are:

Track Shoes

The metal track plates or shoes on the rubber tracks that contact the ground. They provide traction and protect the track frame. As track shoes wear down from impact and abrasion, they cause damage to internal components and reduce traction.

Inspect track shoes regularly for signs of wear beyond manufacturer specifications. Damaged or broken shoes can grind internal rollers, idlers, and bushings. Replace individual track shoes as needed or as a full set for optimal performance.

Rollers And Idlers

The numerous rollers and idlers within the track frame provide support and guidance for the tracks. They reduce friction and extend the life of other components.

Worn or damaged rollers and idlers let the track sag, placing undue side loads on track links and frames. Inspect for flat spots, damaged bushings, and loose or missing hardware. Replace as necessary to avoid major damage.

Track Bushings And Pins

Bushings provide pivoting connections for rollers and idlers while pins securely join links of the caterpillar track. They are exposed to constant impact and vibration.

Worn bushings with excessive play and damaged or missing pins cause misaligned internal components, increasing stress on tracks and frames. Regularly grease bushings and inspect pins for proper retention. Replace worn bushings and damaged pins as needed.

Rubber Track Components

Some Kubota excavators feature rubber tracks for lower noise and vibration. They consist of connected rubber shoes, blocks, guides, and end connectors.

Watch for cracked, loose, or missing rubber components that can allow debris inside tracks, accelerating wear of internal parts. Replace individual rubber parts and shoes as required to extend the life of rubber tracks.

Conclusion Of Maintaining Key Kubota Excavator Undercarriage Parts

In summary, properly maintaining key Kubota excavator undercarriage parts like track shoes, idlers, rollers, bushings, and pins is essential to maximize performance, reliability, and the life of rubber track and track-type undercarriages.

Follow a routine inspection schedule based on machine usage and replace high-wear parts like track shoes and rollers according to manufacturer recommendations. Replacing components before failure helps minimize downtime and repair costs over the long run.