The small excavator is equipped with excellent equipment, using high-pressure hydraulic cylinders, imported oil seals and imported two-layer hydraulic pipelines. The overall quality is stable and reliable, and the performance is even better during excavation work.

excavator track roller

The operation process contains buffering and construction.

High efficiency, will not delay the construction period. The entire crawler excavator is laser-cut, meticulous and beautiful, and spray-coated. It has the advantages of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The small excavator has strong climbing performance and high driving force, and can carry out excavation work more efficiently.

The small excavator is equipped with an intelligent and stable hydraulic transmission system,

It which facilitates the construction team to carry out actual operations, and the work is more precise and delicate. It is equipped with luxurious seats, making the workers more comfortable and flexible during operation, and can be maintained during and after the operation. It is also very convenient and has few consumable parts, which can reduce maintenance costs. Wheeled excavator and small excavator are overall sturdy and durable, have a long service life, and can be used in different extreme working conditions. Moreover, this industrial equipment has a wide range of application fields and can work efficiently in many industries.

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