The undercarriage of an excavator is a crucial system that enables the machine to move, turn and support its heavy upper carriage and attachments. The main Foton excavator undercarriage parts include tracks, rollers, idlers, sprockets, guards and pins. Together, they work in tandem to provide traction, stability and maneuverability for the excavator. However, these parts are also subjected to high stress and wear, requiring regular inspection and maintenance to optimize performance.

foton excavator undercarriage parts

Tracks Using For Foton Undercarriage Parts

The tracks are the fundamental component of the undercarriage that provide traction and ground contact. They wrap around the sprocket, idlers and tension wheels inside the track frame to enable the excavator to move. Modern track designs use rubber or steel track pads to maximize traction, damping and ground pressure distribution. Rubber tracks provide better traction on soft ground but steel tracks last longer. Either way, worn tracks impact the excavator’s traction and movement efficiency.

Rollers And Idlers By Foton Branded

Excavator rollers and idlers are the cylindrical components that the tracks run around in the track frame. They properly align and guide the tracks while supporting the weight of the undercarriage and upper structure. Worn or damaged rollers and idlers can cause misalignment of the tracks and uneven ground pressure, which accelerates track wear and reduces service life. They often require replacement or refurbishment to restore performance.

Sprockets Of Foton Excavator Undercarriage Parts

The sprockets are toothed wheels that engage with the track’s inner edges to propel the excavator. As the sprocket rotates, it moves the tracks around the rollers and idlers so the excavator can travel forward or backward. Worn sprocket teeth lead to slippage and less track engagement, reducing power and controllability. Sprockets regularly require replacing due to tooth wear and fatigue cracking.

Foton’s Guards And Pins

Undercarriage guards are sheet metal covers that protect the rollers, idlers and tracks from debris. They keep unwanted material out to reduce maintenance needs. Pin retaining clips connect the track pads to the track links. As these wear, they can cause track derailment and premature failure of other track components. Guards and pins need periodic inspection and replacement to maximize service life.

How To Maintenance And Inspection?

To maximize performance and life, all Foton excavator undercarriage parts require regular care and maintenance. Proper lubrication is critical to reducing wear on rollers, idlers and sprockets. Greasing the tracks helps protect rubber or steel pads from dry rot and corrosion. Operators should also routinely inspect parts for cracks, wear, corrosion and misalignment that indicate need for replacement or repair.

Replacement And Upgrades About Excavator Undercarriage Parts

Once undercarriage parts exceed wear limits and can no longer be maintained, replacement or refurbishment is needed. Excavator owners have a choice between OEM parts, aftermarket replacements and rebuilt options. OEM parts typically last the longest but cost more. Aftermarket and rebuilt parts offer cost savings but vary in quality. Owners can also upgrade specific components to improve performance for certain applications, such as harder steel sprockets or wider tracks.