The track roller uses to support the weight of the fuselage of the excavator, bulldozer and other construction machinery. And at the same time, it rolls on the track guide rail (rail chain link) or track plate surface. It also uses to limit the track to prevent lateral slippage, when the construction machinery equipment steering wheel forces the track to slip on the ground. But for many products on the market, how should we choose the excavator track roller?

The track roller of a bulldozer bears its own mass and operating load, and the attribute of the supporting wheel is an important standard to judge its quality. Bulldozer support wheel is a kind of “four-wheel belt,” “four-wheel belt” in the four wheel refers to the driving wheel, the guide wheel, the support wheel, the support wheel, the belt refers to the track. They are directly related to the working performance and walking performance of bulldozers, and their weight and manufacturing cost account for a quarter of the manufacturing cost of bulldozers.

When choosing an excavator track roller, it should be selected according to the actual situation, and the following suggestions are for reference only:

  1. Engineering scale
    Large-scale earthwork projects and medium-sized open-pit mine projects should be based on the investment scale and supporting equipment and other factors, analysis and comparison and scientific calculation, to determine the purchase of the corresponding bulldozer support wheel specifications, models and quantities. General small and medium-sized projects, such as road maintenance, irrigation and water conservancy, only need to use ordinary bulldozer support wheel.
  2. Project matching condition
    The purchase of bulldozer supporting wheel should consider the matching of its existing equipment, including the matching of the operating efficiency of excavator supporting wheel and the operating efficiency of existing equipment.
  3. Funding available
    Before the purchase should have their own budget, you can choose the bulldozer support wheel according to the budget.

The excavator track roller is the core component of the bulldozers crawler chassis. Its performance directly affects the reliability and efficiency of the whole machine. Choosing a good bulldozer support wheel is very important for subsequent use. At the same time, some maintenance work needs to be done. The purpose of regular maintenance is to reduce the failure of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine; Reduce machine downtime; Improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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