Carrier roller are key components in the fields of mechanical engineering and logistics and are widely used in various scenarios such as excavator carrier roller, cranes, loaders, and logistics transportation. Quanzhou Juli Heavy-Duty Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech Excavator Undercarriage Parts Manufacturers.We provide all kinds of excavator carrier roller carrier roller 60 and undercarriage rollers to domestic and overseas customers.

What is excavator carrier roller

Ecavator carrier roller is an important part of the excavator. It is mainly used to support the conveyor belt and material weight. When the excavator is operating, the rollers can withstand heavy loads and vibrations to ensure the normal operation of the excavator. The roller usually consists of bearings, load-bearing rollers, covers, transmission parts, brackets and other parts. The bearings support the roller body so that the roller can roll. In addition, the cover of the roller also has functions such as dustproof, waterproof, and noise reduction.

How to extend the life of excavator carrier roller

In practical applications, in order to extend the life of the roller, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance and repairs to avoid overload operation and ensure the cleanliness of its working environment. Correct use and timely maintenance can effectively extend the service life of the roller and improve work efficiency.

Keep the environment clean: The working environment of the roller should be kept clean to avoid damage to it by dust, impurities, etc. Regularly clean the roller and its surrounding environment to ensure its normal operation.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of rollers is essential. Check whether the roller surface is deformed or damaged, and whether the bearings are loose or damaged, etc. Finding problems in time and dealing with them can prevent the problem from expanding and extend the service life of the roller.

Proper use: During use, the load range of the roller should be followed to avoid overload operation. Overload operation will cause excessive wear of the roller and shorten its life. At the same time, when moving the roller, avoid forced dragging to avoid damage to the ground and roller surface.

Safe use: Provide safety training to workers operating rollers to ensure that they master the correct operating methods and precautions. When operating rollers, relevant safety regulations should be strictly followed, such as wearing a safety helmet and safety shoes.

Lubrication and maintenance: The roller bearings need regular lubrication to ensure their normal operation. Select suitable lubricating oil or grease and apply it evenly on the bearing surface. In addition, according to the location of use and load size, set the corresponding maintenance date, and clean up floating coal and oil in time.

Replacement and installation: When the roller is seriously worn or malfunctions, it should be replaced in time. During the replacement process, the installation quality of the new roller should be ensured to avoid damage caused by improper installation. At the same time, the installation distance of the rollers should be scientifically calculated and determined based on the type of logistics and the characteristics of the conveyor to avoid installation that is too thin or too dense.

If you want to extend the service life of the excavator roller, it is more important to choose high-quality excavator roller products.

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