The service life of the crawler type of an agricultural excavator is closely related to its safety hazards and working quality. Therefore, it is very important to use and maintain the crawler type of an agricultural excavator scientifically and reasonably to increase its service life.

HYUNDAI R55/R60-5 Sprocket Rim

Today we will give you some examples of how to repair and maintain your excavator

So that you can prepare for emergencies.

In order to properly realize the actual operation of construction, we must ensure the “six slowness”. These six slownesses are slow starting, slow turning, slow braking, slow going downhill, slow parking and slow driving on poor roads. During construction, Avoid sharp turns and emergency braking when moving forward quickly. If a muddy pit occurs during construction work in the field, be sure to prevent the vehicle wheels from rapidly rotating at high speeds in the pit. The speed should be controlled and analyzed based on the actual situation, and long-distance rapid transportation should be avoided as much as possible.

To maintain the load balance of the agricultural excavator generator set

remember that it must not be overweight. The steering system of the car must be properly maintained to maintain the correct toe value of the front wheels to avoid initial damage to the tires.

Agricultural excavators must be maintained carefully and repaired promptly. Before operation and after construction, carefully check whether the crawler is scratched, deformed, loose, or stained with oil. If there is any, clean it as much as possible. If the problem is serious, maintenance and repair must be carried out as soon as possible. It is also necessary to disassemble on a clean road when disassembling the crawler.

The tools used for disassembly and assembly do not need to contain gaps and bevels. Another point is that when assembling, sand does not need to be brought into it.

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