Excavators are indispensable large-scale mechanical equipment in various engineering constructions. During engineering construction, excavators are important tools responsible for earth excavation, stone crushing and various land repair projects. The role of excavators in engineering construction is very important, and maintaining excavators is also a very important task. It can not only extend the service life of the excavators, but also improve the efficiency and safety of the excavators.

So, how to maintain the excavator well and save worry and effort?

Daily maintenance

  1. Clean the excavator. During the use of the excavator, some dust and sand will inevitably accumulate. They will accumulate on various parts of the excavator, thereby hindering normal use and even causing machine failure. Therefore, Pay attention to cleaning the machine during daily maintenance.
  2. Refueling and changing oil Excavators are heavy mechanical equipment that consume a lot of oil, which requires us to refuel and change oil regularly to ensure the normal operation of the excavator and reduce the probability of machine failure.
  3. Check parts. There are many parts in the excavator, including hydraulic system, steering system, drive system, etc. During daily maintenance, we need to check these parts to ensure that they are in good working condition and avoid excessive wear of parts. causing the machine to malfunction.
  4. Check the mechanical structure. The mechanical structure of the excavator is very important, including tracks, buckets, booms, spindles, etc. Pay attention to check whether their structures are damaged and whether they need to be replaced.

Regular maintenance: 

On the basis of daily maintenance, develop a regular maintenance plan, such as a comprehensive inspection every month or quarter to determine whether parts need to be replaced or upgraded. The maintenance plan can include cleaning, checking the excavator’s electrical wiring and equipment, checking and cleaning the oil system, checking and replacing important components such as bearings and hydraulic cylinders to ensure that the excavator is in optimal condition.

Reasonable use:

 Reasonable use of excavators is also an important aspect of excavator maintenance. Reasonable use can extend the service life of the excavator and reduce the occurrence of failures. Correct usage includes:

  1. Operate strictly in accordance with the instructions;
  2. Avoid overload operation and do not change the load-bearing capacity of the excavator at will;
  3. Maintain the balance of the excavator and do not work on slopes or unstable ground;
  4. Strictly abide by safety production regulations, ensure your own safety, and put safety first.

 Maintaining an excavator requires a lot of time and money, but it is the basis for ensuring long-term stable and safe use of the excavator. Proper maintenance of the excavator can not only extend the life of the machine, but also improve the efficiency and safety of the machine, bringing more convenience and benefits to engineering construction.

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