The undercarriage of an excavator includes the tracks, rollers, idlers and other components that transfer machine weight to the ground and enable movement. Wear and tear on key Liebherr excavator undercarriage parts can lead to performance issues, downtime and costly repairs if not maintained properly.

Among the most critical Liebherr excavator parts to regularly inspect:

Track Shoes

The outer plates on the track chains that provide traction and protect the track frame from wear. As track shoes wear down from impact and abrasion, they cause damage to internal parts and reduce machine traction.

Check track shoes routinely for signs of wear beyond specifications. Broken or damaged shoes can quickly lead to excessive roller, bushing and idler wear. Replace individual track shoes or do a full track shoe set replacement as needed for optimal performance.

Track Bushings and Pins

The bushings provide pivoting surfaces for the rollers and idlers while the pins securely join links in the track chain. They are constantly exposed to impact and vibration.

Worn bushings with excessive play and damaged or missing pins can cause internal component misalignment, increasing stress on tracks and frames. Regularly grease bushings and check pins for proper retention. Replace worn bushings and damaged pins promptly.

Rollers and Idlers

The numerous rollers and idlers within the track frames provide support and guidance for the tracks, reducing friction and extending the lifetime of other parts.

Worn or damaged rollers and idlers allow tracks to sag, placing undue side loads on the track links and frames. Inspect for damage like flat spots, worn bushings and loose or missing hardware. Replace as necessary to avoid costly track repairs in future.

Rubber Track Components (if applicable)

Some Liebherr excavators use rubber tracks for lower noise and vibration. They consist of rubber shoes, blocks, guides and end connectors.

Watch for cracked, loose or missing rubber components that can allow debris into tracks, accelerating wear of internal parts. Replace individual rubber track parts and shoes as required to extend the lifespan of rubber tracks.