The undercarriage represents one of the most crucial points for maintenance on a Daewoo excavator. This vital assembly of components including tracks, rollers, and idlers bears the brunt of everyday wear and tear. Keeping up with undercarriage parts replacement and service is essential for ensuring excavator productivity and longevity.

In this guide we’ll cover best practices for maintaining your daewoo excavator undercarriage parts, when to replace parts, and where to source trusted aftermarket parts like rollers, idlers, sprockets and more.

The Daewoo Excavator Undercarriage: Key Components

The undercarriage provides the foundation that allows the excavator to move and stabilize for digging. Key parts include:

  • Tracks – The continuous rubber or steel tracks provide traction and absorb vibration during travel.
  • Rollers – Multiple steel rollers on each side keep the tracks running smoothly.
  • Idlers – Front and rear idler wheels maintain proper track tension.
  • Sprocket – The drive sprocket powers and turns the track.
  • Bottom rollers – Protect the body structure from debris and distribute weight.

Proper cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of these components is crucial for safe excavator operation and longevity. Premature wear or failure risks unnecessary downtime and costly damage if ignored.

When To Replace Undercarriage Parts

With constant grinding and shock loads, undercarriage parts deteriorate over time. Some signs a part needs replacement include:

  • Visible cracks or damage
  • Noisy operation while traveling
  • Tracks slipping off or jumping
  • Teeth missing on drive sprocket
  • Excessive vibration or uneven track wear
  • Rollers and idlers seized or not turning freely

To avoid on-site equipment failures, replace any undercarriage components exhibiting these warning signs immediately. Check and follow the recommended inspection and replacement intervals advised in your Daewoo service manual as well.

Sourcing Quality Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts

While OEM parts are an option, aftermarket undercarriage components offer a more budget-friendly choice without sacrificing fit or durability. When selecting parts, look for a trusted supplier that:

  • Specializes in undercarriage parts for Daewoo models
  • Offers components made to OEM specifications
  • Carries all major wear parts like tracks, rollers, idlers etc.
  • Provides warranties and guarantees on products
  • Has extensive availability and fast shipping

This ensures you get properly engineered replacements with the right fit and dimensions for your Daewoo excavator model. Quality aftermarket undercarriage parts translate to maximum uptime at a lower total cost of ownership.

Keep Your Daewoo Excavator Producing

From inspections and maintenance to undercarriage parts replacement, proper servicing is central to a Daewoo excavator’s uptime, performance and return on investment. But by following a comprehensive maintenance plan and leveraging quality aftermarket parts, operators can keep their Daewoo machines reliably on the jobsite. Your local undercarriage parts supplier can help assess needs and source the right components for your model.