Maintenance of wheeled excavators

  Every morning, the entire vehicle is filled with grease, the fuel tank is emptied, the drain is drained, the oil is checked, and the coolant is checked. Premature wear of the machine’s fuel system (pump, nozzle) is mainly due to improper maintenance routine by the operator;
  Blown air filters and radiators are available; to complete the maintenance intervals of the machine on time and in bulk. If the working environment is harsh (long-term circuit breaker operation, dusty environment), the maintenance interval needs to be shortened.

  Imported machines are well maintained, 10,000 hours engine without major repairs, pumps, valves do not seep oil is actually a very easy thing. Machine operator to get into the car to take off shoes operation is necessary.
  On the one hand, a dirty cab is easy to cause the air conditioning filter, and dusty air circulation can also hurt the body.

Tire type excavator use strategy

  1. Slope leveling operation
  When performing flat trimming, the machine should be placed on the ground to prevent body shaking. In order to master the coordination of boom and spreader movement, controlling the speed of both is crucial for plane trimming.
  2.Loading operation
  The body should be in a horizontal and stable position, otherwise the rotation unloading is difficult to control precisely, thus prolonging the cycle time; the body and the truck should be kept at a proper distance to prevent the tail of the body from colliding with the truck during the 180-degree turn; with a wide view and high efficiency, the rotation angle should be correctly mastered to reduce the turning time; the truck position is lower than the excavator to shorten the rising time of the moving arm and have a good line of sight; first install sand, the gravel, and again place large stones to reduce the impact on the car.

  3. Soft area or water running
  When working in soft soil zone, you should know the compactness of the soil and pay attention to limit the digging range of the bucket to prevent accidents such as landslide, landslide and deep settlement of the car body. When working in water, pay attention to the allowable water depth range of the body (the water surface should be lower than the center of the load roller); if the water level is high, the lubrication inside the slewing bearing will be poor due to water ingress and the engine fan blade will be folded by water. Due to water intrusion, the loss of circuit components will be short-circuited or damaged.
  4. Lifting operation
  When the hydraulic excavator is used for hoisting operation, the surrounding environment of the hoisting site should be confirmed and high-strength hooks and wire ropes should be used. When lifting, special lifting equipment should be used as far as possible; operation mode should be selected in micro operation mode and slow balance movement; proper length and length, too long will make the lifting object swing more and difficult to control accurately; bucket position should be adjusted correctly to prevent the wire rope from slipping off; construction personnel should try not to be close to the lifting object to prevent the danger caused by improper operation.
  5. Smooth running method
  When working, the stability of the machine not only improves the efficiency and extends the life of the machine, but also ensures safe operation (placing the machine on a flat surface).

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