Sourcing from the Original Equipment Manufacturer

Genuine Case parts are engineered specifically for each model during design with strict compatibility testing. Sourcing directly from the OEM using original factory tooling ensures conformance to exact specifications. This maintains original equipment reliability.

track chain for excavator

Prioritizing Component Durability

Heavy-duty materials like hardened alloy steel sustain demanding digging/lifting cycles. Strenuous factory and field tests certify parts can withstand the rigors of challenging jobsites. Customers avoid downtime from premature failures.

Leveraging Manufacturing Expertise

Decades producing millions of units grant unique insights into real-world stresses. Case incorporates fatigue knowledge into advanced component designs optimized for respective machine systems.

Maximizing Safety

Critical case excavator parts like hydraulic hoses meet stringent pressure ratings. Structural and ROPS components validate engineering limits through rigorous overload testing. Replacement ensures safe operation to original specifications.

Matching OE Performance

Genuine components integrate intelligently with proprietary electronics and control systems. Customers maintain hard-earned optimum efficiency and productivity.

Emphasizing Global Availability

Strategic warehouse networks globally stock common parts. Customers gain assured access to supplies. Rapid response teams stabilize jobsites facing delays.

Prioritizing Sustainability

Remanufacturing core components extends usable lifetimes. Recycling programs divert waste. Suppliers pursue energy/emissions reductions.

Maximizing Cost-effectiveness

Genuine parts optimize reliable lifetime usage versus repeated repairs. Pricing transparency streamlines budgeting. Warranties cover workmanship/materials.

Ensuring Installation Support

Online instructions and dealer experts assist with replacements. Technicians diagnose by serial with access to thousands of rig configurations.