For owners of Caterpillar track-type tractors, undercarriage maintenance is crucial to maximize runtime and return on investment. Worn out undercarriage components like track links, rollers, idlers, sprockets and carrier rollers reduce productivity through slippage, vibration, and uneasy blade control. Utilizing genuine OEM parts in repairs preserves factory-engineered performance, safety and precision. Understanding correct component selection, installation, and maintenance procedures unlocks the full working potential of Cat track-type dozers.

 Caterpillar Dozer Undercarriage Parts

Matching Caterpillar Dozer Undercarriage Parts To The Machine

Always reference service manuals to identify:

  • Exact part numbers for that make, model, and serial number
  • If standard or heavy duty components are required
  • Left hand and right hand variations of some parts

Correct parts match the machine for proper function.

Adhering to Installation Procedures

Closely follow all steps including:

  • Securing the dozer safely on level ground
  • Cleaning and preparing parts mating surfaces
  • Using proper tools to achieve bolt torque specs
  • Shimming and aligning parts within tolerances
  • Lubricating during assembly and before operation
  • Retesting torques after break-in period

Doing job right the first time prevents problems.

Ongoing Maintenance Maximizes Life


  • Inspect for damaged or worn components like bent track pins
  • Adjust track tension to specs with track sag gauge
  • Clear debris from tracks, rollers, sprockets and idlers
  • Lubricate all grease points as scheduled
  • Catch minor wear early and replace parts before cascading damage

Proper care ensures the longest life from undercarriage parts.

Using genuine OEM parts in undercarriage repairs keeps expensive equipment productive on the job site. With proper selection, installation and maintenance, Cat dozer undercarriages deliver the resilient longevity equipment owners expect.