Entering the construction site of the first phase of the third batch of the Quansan High-end Equipment Industrial Park, the roaring excavator is digging the mountain, dozens of large forklifts and trucks shuttle back and forth, and the construction scene is full of enthusiasm.

“At present, the municipal road A line in the park has been completed, and the roadbed construction has completed 80% of the total engineering volume. We are accelerating the leveling of 800 acres of land in the first three batches of land.” August 10, Sanyuan District Investment Service Center Director Zhu Bin introduced.

The Quansan High-end Equipment Industrial Park is a provincial-level high-end equipment industrial park and an industrial coordination demonstration park in the Southwestern Fujian Cooperative Development Zone. It has a planned total area of ​​6,500 acres. Currently, it has provided project land for 10 companies in the first phase. The four park projects of Heavy Industry, Hengsheng Chassis, and Huali Heavy Industry were completed and put into production. The construction machinery chassis and accessories produced by the enterprises in the park have been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other places.

   The project has attracted, but it has to be passed down. After the enterprises entering the park signed the formal investment agreement, the project service specialist immediately started the “one-to-one, point-to-point” tracking and docking service, and handled various approval procedures for the company from investment promotion to project establishment, construction to development, and thoughtful and thoughtful service to speed up This has improved the speed at which enterprises in the park will be put into production.

Hengsheng Chassis, Huali Heavy Industry, Mingquan Heavy Industry, Nanyi Machinery…From the production and assembly of forgings to the recycling and recycling of waste materials, the mechanical processing enterprises in the park are gradually building an “internal cycle” around the “four wheels and one belt” products. The chain, the intensive benefit is demonstrated. However, measures such as “vacating the cage and changing the bird” and promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises are giving rise to vigorous vitality of the enterprises in the park.

   “Nest” is good for “Phoenix” to dwell. At present, 29 Quanzhou enterprises have signed a formal investment agreement with the park, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, and an annual output value of about 6.6 billion yuan can be achieved after reaching production capacity. (Chen Rui Sanyuan reporter station Huang Shuxiang)