If you operate an excavator for your work, then you know the importance of properly maintained tracks and rollers. The track rollers help distribute the weight of the excavator evenly across the tracks to minimize wear and tear. There are many track roller options available for different sizes of excavators. Let’s review some of the key factors when selecting ex100 track roller, ex30 track roller and ex60 track roller.

excavator track roller
track roller

Track Width

The width of the excavator’s tracks will determine which sized track roller you need. An ex100 track roller is meant for excavators with tracks that are 100 cm or wider. Similarly, ex30 and ex60 track rollers are suitable for 30cm and 60cm track widths respectively. Make sure to measure your excavator tracks precisely to get a track roller that fits correctly.

Roller Size And Weight

Heavier and wider track rollers can help distribute the excavator’s weight more effectively across the tracks. However, track rollers that are too heavy can become difficult to install and remove for maintenance. Consider the recommended track roller size from your excavator manufacturer to balance weight and performance for your specific model.

Number of Rollers

Some excavators, especially larger models, use multiple track rollers on each side of the undercarriage. This can further enhance the distribution of pressure across the tracks. Check if your excavator requires a single or multi-roller setup for the optimum track life and operation.

When Selecting An Excavator Track Roller, What You Need To Consider?

  • Track rollers are typically made of cast iron or steel. Cast iron rollers tend to be more durable but heavier, while steel rollers are lighter weight.
  • The types of bearings used in the track roller, like tapered roller bearings, can affect the life and performance. Higher quality bearings last longer.
  • Sealed track rollers with high-quality seals are better able to prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and moisture that can damage the bearings.
  • The quality of welds joining different track roller components, like end caps, influence the structural integrity and durability.
  • Longer warranties, like 3-5 years, suggest the manufacturer has more confidence in the durability and reliability of their track rollers.