The roller is one of the four-wheel belts on the chassis of tracked construction machinery. Its main function is to support the weight of excavators and bulldozers to move the tracks along the wheels.Track rollers are the wheels on the excavator chassis around which the weight is distributed.

At the same time,  track roller also rely on their roller flange to clamp the chain track not to derail the track laterally, to ensure that the machinery moves in the direction of the track, and at the same time,  track roller have a relatively small rolling resistance, and can complete the work in water or mud.

 Track roller is a crucial part of an excavator.China track roller manufacturers provide a variety of track rollers,please take a look and get to know track rollers more.

How do track rollers work?

  As the main load-bearing structural component of crawler rotary drilling rigs, especially in large-tonnage crawler rotary drilling rigs, the design and manufacturing quality of track wheels are directly related to the overall safety of the drilling rig. The working conditions of crawler rotary drilling rigs are complex. In some special hoisting conditions or boom conditions, only some of the track wheels are stressed. Therefore, the arrangement of the track wheels is sparse in the middle and dense at the ends. In order to meet the requirements of the crawler As the weight of the rotary drilling rig gradually increases, the number and structural parameters of the track rollers increase accordingly.

The track rollers are installed at the bottom of the track frame and form a roll with the bottom surface of the track plate when walking.

Function of Track rollers

The function of the rollers is to transfer the weight of the locomotive set to the ground and roll it on the track. In order to prevent derailment, the roller also has to be able to prevent the track from moving laterally relative to it. Road rollers often work in muddy water and sandy soil and are subjected to strong impacts. The working conditions are extremely harsh and the wheel rims wear out easily. The requirements for road rollers are: wear-resistant rims, reliable bearing seals, and low rolling resistance.

Characteristics of a good track roller

The excavator support wheel is one of the most important accessories of the excavator, it is used to support the weight of the excavator while rolling on the guide rails (rail links) or track plate surface of the tracks, it is also used to restrain the tracks and prevent lateral slippage. The support wheel forces the tracks to slide on the ground as the excavator turns. The excavator support wheel is often in mud, water and dust, and is subjected to strong impacts, so it is required to be sealed reliably and the rim is wear-resistant.

Requirements for excavator supporting wheel:

  • Wear-resistant wheel rim
  • Reliable bearing seal
  • Low rolling resistance, etc.

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