Excavators are essential heavy machinery used in construction, mining, and other industrial applications. Takeuchi is a leading manufacturer of compact excavators that are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and performance. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into Takeuchi excavator parts to help you better understand these machines and ensure proper maintenance.

takeuchi excavator parts

The anatomy of a Takeuchi excavator

Takeuchi excavators consist of various components and parts that work together to get the job done. At the heart of the machine is the engine – Takeuchi excavators are typically powered by diesel engines that generate high torque to drive the hydraulic pumps. The hydraulic pumps pressurize fluid which powers the boom, arm, bucket, tracks, and swing components.

The operator cab sits atop the central body and houses the controls and gauges. Underneath the body is the undercarriage which consists of the tracks, rollers, idlers, and sprockets that enable the excavator to move and stabilize itself. At the front is the boom arm assembly made up of cast steel booms and hydraulic cylinders that provide digging forces and motion. Finally, the bucket attaches to the end of the dipper arm to scoop and load material.

Common Takeuchi excavator parts

Here are some of the most common Takeuchi excavator parts that may need replacement or maintenance over time:

  • Filters – Oil, fuel, hydraulics, and air filters should be changed regularly to prevent contamination. Takeuchi has specific filter part numbers for each model.
  • Hydraulic pumps – The hydraulic pumps pressurize fluid to power the excavator’s moving parts. Leaky or worn pumps will need to be rebuilt or replaced.
  • Control valves – Hydraulic control valves regulate the flow of fluid to the cylinders. Damaged valves can cause erratic excavator movement.
  • Hydraulic cylinders – The boom, arm, and bucket cylinders provide the digging forces. Worn seals lead to fluid leaks and reduced power.
  • Tracks – Rubber or steel tracks distribute the machine’s weight and provide traction. Tracks wear out over time and need replacement.
  • Buckets – Excavator buckets come in various designs and capacities. Replace worn-out buckets to maintain digging performance.
  • Engine parts – Takeuchi engines require regular maintenance of parts like belts, hoses, alternators, and starters.

Where to find Takeuchi excavator parts?

Takeuchi excavator parts can be purchased through authorized Takeuchi dealers that stock OEM parts. Many online retailers also carry replacement Takeuchi parts at competitive prices. When looking for parts, make sure to have your excavator’s model and serial number handy to find the correct part number. Some key things to check are:

  • Compatibility – The parts must match your specific Takeuchi excavator make and model.
  • Brand – Opt for genuine Takeuchi OEM parts when possible for quality and reliability. Aftermarket parts are cheaper but may fit loosely or wear out faster.
  • Availability – Look for dealers that stock the parts you need so you don’t have long downtimes waiting for delivery.
  • Warranties – OEM parts often come with 12 month warranties versus 90 days for aftermarket parts.
  • Pricing – Compare prices between dealers to get the best deal. Buying in bulk can also lower parts costs.

Proper maintenance and replacement of Takeuchi excavator parts ensures these machines continue working optimally even under heavy use. Partnering with a knowledgeable dealer that stocks parts regularly can maximize uptime and return on investment.

Summary about hydraulic pumps and valves

From hydraulic pumps and valves to engine parts and undercarriage components, Takeuchi excavators are complex machines made up of many parts working in synchrony. To avoid unplanned downtime, be proactive with scheduled maintenance and replace worn parts when needed. Only use genuine OEM parts to ensure proper fit, durability, and performance. Investing in quality Takeuchi excavator parts will extend the machine’s lifespan and provide many years of reliable service on the jobsite.

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