Support: The china TRACK CARRIER ROLLER is designed to support the weight of the machine and distribute it evenly across the undercarriage system. The roller is typically mounted on a shaft and supported by bearings, which allow it to rotate freely.

Guide: As the track moves around the undercarriage system, the track roller helps to guide it and keep it on track. The roller is designed to fit into the track shoes and prevent the track from slipping or coming off the machine.

Tension: The track roller also helps to maintain tension on the track to ensure that it stays tight and does not become loose or slack. This helps to prevent damage to the undercarriage system and other components on the machine.

Smooth movement: The track roller helps to ensure smooth movement of the track around the undercarriage system. The roller is designed by Track Roller Factory to withstand heavy loads and high speeds, which helps to ensure efficient movement of the machine.