JCB excavators are known for their durability and reliability, enabling them to work efficiently even under harsh conditions. However, wear and tear on key undercarriage and track parts can reduce performance over time. Replacing or repairing high-wear parts helps keep JCB excavators productive. Here are some of the most important JCB excavator parts to inspect regularly:

Track Shoes

The exterior metal plates on the excavator tracks known as track shoes are exposed to constant impact and abrasion. They protect the track frames from wear and serve as the contact surface for traction.

As track shoes wear down, they cause increased damage to other track components and decreased traction. Checking for cracked welds, broken edges and excessive wear of wear pads is recommended. Replacing track shoes when wear exceeds manufacturer specifications helps avoid more costly track repairs later.

Rollers and Idlers

The numerous rollers and idlers within the track frame provide support and guidance for the tracks while in motion. They help reduce friction and increase component life.

Worn or damaged rollers and idlers can put excess side loads on the tracks and lead to broken strands or frames. Inspecting them regularly for flat spots, damaged bushings and loose or missing hardware can reveal the need for repair or replacement before major issues arise.

Track Bushings and Pins

The bushings and removable pins within the track frames provide pivoting connections for rollers and idlers. They are exposed to constant vibration and impact as the tracks cycle.

Worn bushings with excessive play and damaged or missing pins can cause misalignment of track components, increasing stress on tracks and frames. Regularly greasing bushings and checking pin retention can extend component life, while replacement of worn bushings and damaged pins can restore proper track functioning.

Rubber Track Components

Some JCB excavators use rubber tracks consisting of numerous rubber shoes joined by rubber blocks, plates and guide lugs. While more expensive initially, they offer benefits like reduced noise and vibration.

Pay Attention To Wore Parts From Excavator Undercarriage

Firstly, keeping an eye out for cracked, loose or missing rubber components helps maintain performance. Damaged or deteriorating rubber can allow debris to penetrate the tracks, accelerating wear of internal parts. Replacement of individual rubber track shoes, guides and end connectors as needed helps extend the overall life of rubber tracks.

Additionally, so be sure to care about on the condition of tracks, rollers, idlers, bushings and pins on your JCB160, JCB220 and other excavators, and repair or replace parts promptly as needed to keep your excavator digging and loading productively for many years.