Published: March 23, 2021.            Column: Company News            Label: National Invention Patent Authorization

Recently, two invention patents, “a connecting structure between driving wheel and walking reducer of hydraulic excavator” and “a track roller of excavator with high sealing performance”, independently developed and produced by the company’s manufacturing department were successfully authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, and obtained the “Notice of Granting Invention Patent”. This is another breakthrough of our company in the innovation field of heavy construction machinery, which marks that the company’s R&D capability has leapt to a new level and provides strong support for promoting the company’s high-quality development.

Patent details: 

1: Connecting structure of driving wheel and walking speed reducer of hydraulic excavator

The utility model belongs to the technical field of excavator devices, in particular to a connecting structure between a driving wheel of a hydraulic excavator and a traveling speed reducer, which comprises a driving wheel, wherein the right side wall of the driving wheel is connected with a central rotating shaft, the left end of the central rotating shaft is fixedly provided with a first decelerator, the upper and lower sides of the outer wall of the first decelerator are engaged with second decelerators, the outer wall of the central rotating shaft is provided with a chute, the inner wall of the chute is movably connected with a hollow wheel, and the upper and lower sides of the outer wall of the hollow wheel are provided with long holes; Starting the speed reducer can make the central rotating shaft drive the first speed reducer and the second speed reducer to rotate, and the speed of the driving wheel can be slowed down by the reverse rotation of the speed reducer and the driving wheel. During the rotation of the central rotating shaft, the hollow wheel rotates in the chute, and lubricating oil is injected into the hollow wheel through the long hole, and then penetrates into the chute through the round hole, thus reducing the friction at the joint between the central rotating shaft and the driving wheel. Authorization announcement date: March 23, 2021

2: track roller of excavator with high sealing performance

The utility model belongs to the technical field of excavator technical devices, in particular to an excavator supporting wheel with high sealing performance, which comprises a wheel body and a rotating shaft, wherein the inside of the wheel body is in sliding connection with the rotating shaft, the left and right ends of the rotating shaft are fixedly connected with fixing frames, the upper and lower ends of the front end face of the fixing frames are provided with mounting holes, the opposite sides of the two fixing frames are fixedly connected with supporting columns, and the opposite sides of the two fixing frames are tightly attached with sealing covers. The two sealing covers are fixedly sleeved on the outer wall of the rotating shaft, and the opposite sides of the two sealing covers are tightly connected with a shaft sleeve, which forms a seal when the shaft sleeve rotates together with the wheel body, thereby preventing water from entering between the supporting column and the wheel body; and a second seal is formed between the shaft sleeve, the sealing cover and the sealing rubber gasket, which prevents water entering the supporting column from entering the shaft sleeve, thereby preventing water entering the wheel body and damaging the roller wheel. Authorization announcement date: March 23, 2021

Over the years, our company has vigorously developed the manufacturing of heavy construction machinery, invested and established the R&D Department of heavy-duty engineering machinery, continuously increased the investment in technological innovation and continuously improved the R&D and innovation capabilities, and successively obtained more than 10 national patent products, which laid a solid technical foundation for the rapid development of the company’s construction machinery manufacturing. At the same time, our company won provincial honors and was rated as a provincial high-tech enterprise for many times.

The acquisition of the two national invention patents is not only a full affirmation of our company’s research and development of new products of heavy-duty engineering machinery, but also a high recognition of our company’s research and development strength and technological innovation level, which will greatly promote the company’s next step to improve its intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, maintain its technological leading edge, enhance its core competitiveness and enhance its brand awareness. In the next step, our company will take this opportunity to strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property creation, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the integration and development of advanced technology and heavy industry equipment, and contribute more to the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry with scientific concepts, cutting-edge technologies, advanced products and innovative models!