The undercarriage is a crucial but often overlooked part of an excavator. It’s what allows the machine to move and holds the upper structure. The main Kubota excavator undercarriage parts include tracks, rollers, track adjuster, idlers and more. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts ensures optimum performance of the undercarriage.

Given the heavy loads and tough working conditions, the undercarriage takes a lot of abuse. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts can significantly extend the life of your Kubota excavator.

kubota excavator undercarriage parts

Leading China Undercarriage Parts Manufacturer – JULI

We are leading excavator parts factory and supplier in China. Meanwhile, we have exported quality undercarriage parts such as track, rollers, links, etc to oversea market. As Kubota branded undercarraige parts, we always ensure the same quality, however the lower cost to customers. In this post, we will introduce related excavators components below:


The tracks are similar to tires for an excavator. They provide traction so the machine can move and turn. The tracks wrap around the rollers and idlers to form an endless loop. Kubota offers a variety of tracks for different applications and ground conditions. Track pads provide better traction in soft ground while grouser tracks are suited for rough terrain.

Key things to check for tracks include proper tension, broken guides, worn pads and damaged rollers. Over time, the pins that hold the track together can come loose. This leads to misalignment of the track and potential damage.

Rollers & Idlers

Rollers and idlers support the track and guide it around the sprocket and bogie wheels. The rollers help evenly distribute the track tension. As these parts rotate, they wear out bushings, seals and bearings over time.

symptoms of worn rollers include track misalignment, uneven wear of track pads, noise and vibration. Worn idlers can cause the track to tilt or come off the guides. Kubota offers replacement idlers, rollers and related parts to ensure smooth operation of the tracks.

Track Adjusters

The track adjusters allow the tracks to be tightened or loosened. Proper track tension is critical for optimum performance, reduced wear and longer life. A loose track can come off the rollers and sprocket while an overtightened track causes excessive wear.

Kubota offers both manual and hydraulic track adjusters. The hydraulic type makes adjusting the track tension easier. Parts like pivot bars, BushingKits and cylinders might need replacement over time.

Excavator Undercarriage Maintenance Tips

  • Check track tension regularly and adjust as needed.
  • Grease all grease fittings and pivot points weekly.
  • Inspect tracks, rollers and idlers for damage or excessive wear.
  • Replace worn or damaged parts like pins, bushings and seals promptly.
  • Keep the excavator’s underside clean to spot potential issues early.
  • Use genuine Kubota undercarriage parts for replacement. They are engineered to fit perfectly and last longer.
  • Consider an undercarriage rebuild after 1,500 to 2,000 hours of use. This includes replacing worn parts and re-bushing components.
  • Consider an undercarriage upgrade if the existing one shows significant damage or wear. Kubota offers several options for heavier duty applications.