The excavator track roller uses to support the weight of the tractor, while rolling on the track guide (rail link) or track plate surface. And it also uses to limit the track to prevent lateral slippage. When the tractor turns, the track roller force the track to slip on the ground. The track roller is often in the mud and dust, and it bears strong impact. So it requires to seal reliably and the wheel rim is wear-resistant.

Juli Machinery Excavator Track Roller

If there is an oil leak in the track roller, how should it replaces in time? And how can we check whether the oil leak?

  1. During the installation process, it should be strictly inspected according to the technical requirements of the parts, kept clean. And prevented impurities from entering the installation surface. In particular, the sealing end of the sealing ring, even if there are small dust particles will destroy the seal and cause oil leakage.
  2. Sealing sleeve, sealing rubber ring aging, deformation, there are scars, cracks, etc. need to replace the new products.
  3. The spring should be replaced when the spring is insufficient. And the end surface can be worn flat. Pressure ring warping should be repaired, even, remove sharp edges.
  4. Large and small sealing ring contact is not strict, can be re-grinding. So that it has a uniform continuous grinding ring. Do not bump the ring face and disrupt the mate ring. The thickness of the ring should be the same, otherwise it must be replaced.
  5. The thickness of the rubber ring is not enough. And the asbestos rope is allowed to be wrapped to reach a tightness of / 0.15 ~ 0.20 kg per square centimeter.
  6. Axle bending, not round or neck wear, support wheel hub, sealing shell with parts of wear must be repaired.
  7. Bearing and seal ring plane wear, according to the degree of wear, between the seal sleeve and hub end pad with 2 ~ 4 mm thick oil resistant rubber ring. After installation, the seal sleeve assembly shall be able to rotate freely on the hub. In addition, a gasket with an outer diameter of 100 mm. An inner diameter of 85 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm can be used between the bearing outer ring. And the shoulder of the sealing shell to compensate the bearing wear. When the height of the seal sleeve is less than 32 mm and the bearing width is less than 41 mm, the new product should be replaced.
  8. The paper pad on the support wheel should be kept intact and suitable for thickness.

The above is about excavator support wheel oil leakage inspection exclusion method. Hope you excavator master regular maintenance inspection excavator. Extend its useful life.