The supervision of the excavator master, the maintenance and daily maintenance of the machine are all very big questions. Mastering some excavator maintenance skills and inside information will not only allow you to be calm and calm when encountering difficulties, but also prevent you from being deceived as a “novice” during the maintenance process. Below are five questions about our experience in repairing excavators and daily maintenance to answer your questions!

What is the difference between engine preheating and fully automatic heating?

 Answer: The prerequisite for engine preheating is: when the coolant temperature is less than 10°C, the glow plug is automatically heated through the QOS control panel. When the key switch is ON, the heating period is 20 seconds, during which the heating indicator light illuminates for 8 seconds. After heating is completed and the key switch is in START, the car engine will continue to heat for 30 seconds. The prerequisite for fully automatic heating is: when the gear oil is less than 0ℿ start the car engine, the hydraulic oil temperature sensor transmits the electronic signal to the MC, and the MC drives the EC motor to run at the overall target speed ratio of 1250rpm, and the running time is about 15 minutes Or when the gear oil temperature rises to about 2ℿ it will be automatically heated and eliminated.

What are the functions of turbocharging and intercooler?

Answer: The important function of turbocharging is to increase the power of the diesel engine without changing the displacement, improve the ignition effect, increase mechanical energy, reduce fuel consumption, improve the mixing effect, increase the air-to-air ratio, and reduce harmful effects. The discharge of substances improves the characteristics of low-speed gears and achieves the characteristics of high torque of automobile engines in low-speed gears. The function of the intercooler is that the ambient temperature of the turbocharged air will increase after being compressed, and the friction between the gas and the intake pipe wall during the circulation process will further increase the temperature, affecting the charging efficiency. The intercooler is like a heat pipe radiator, which transfers the gas Heat is dissipated into the air through it, and rapid cooling can also increase the density of the air inlet, further increasing the engine power.

How does the crawler tensioner tension change in various working conditions?

Answer: On smooth and solid ground, the crawler type should be adjusted slightly tight; on rocky and uneven roads, the crawler type should be adjusted slightly loose; on soft ground, the crawler type should be adjusted slightly loose.

How to explain the smoke coming from the muffler when the equipment is accelerating or decelerating or the load changes?

Answer: Because after upgrading the intercooler, the air inlet has a safe passageElongated, the friction resistance of the air inlet increases. When the equipment is accelerating or decelerating or the load changes, the car engine speed regulating motor adjusts the supply of gasoline and diesel, thus destroying the original air-fuel ratio, so that smoke appears in an instant. This is normal.

Some common issues with preventing equipment from overturning?

Answer: It is strictly prohibited to fully extend the bucket pole and rotate quickly when the shovel is full; to avoid equipment dents when handling soft ground; to prevent the equipment from being hoisted and moved; to prevent the equipment from overturning when climbing a slope; to prevent overturning when turning uphill; and to prevent overturning when being transported by a trailer.

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