Now I am working in the excavator parts market. Customers often tell me about common faults of excavators. Various faults are strange and weird. Some of them are familiar to me, and some of them I don’t understand either. I encountered this problem when I repaired the excavator before. The difficulties and solutions encountered are shared with everyone, and everyone can discuss them in depth.

The excavator has no posture. 

A DH150LC-7 vehicle has no posture. The driver of the excavator said that after starting the engine, he pressed down the safety lever of the workbench, operated the left and right handles, and moved the joystick, and the whole vehicle had no posture.

Inspection process

  1. First check the fuse. After testing, the fuse is not damaged and is normal. The voltage is normal.
  2. Accurately measure the DC voltage of the pilot solenoid valve line. It is normal and the resistor is normal.
  3. Check the main solenoid valve core to see if it moves normally.
  4. Accurately measure the pressure of the gear oil pump. It is only 4-6 bar. After adjusting the speed control valve of the gear oil pump, the pressure does not change. After the collapse, it is found that the torsion spring in the speed control valve is broken. Analysis of the gear oil pump failure phenomenon.

Through the above series of inspections, it was found that the torsion spring in the speed regulating valve was broken, resulting in the main working pressure being too low, which could not promote the movement of the pressure regulating valve core and the whole vehicle had no movement.

This is a special instance.

After many years of exchange of maintenance experience, 90% of common faults exist on the main magnet coil. Of course, others such as connecting glue, toggle switches, pressure controllers, main speed valves, etc. will cause the entire vehicle to be out of position.

Search carefully. The main solenoid solution was to replace the torsion spring in the gear oil pump speed control valve, and the excavator recovered.

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