We Have Been Working With XCMG For Over 12 Years Since 2012

We have grown from an ordinary supplier to a second-tier supplier because of the hard work of all our employees.

In 2012, the sixth year of our company’s establishment, we passed XCMG’s assessment system and started to supply XCMG. We have gone from providing XCMG with TRACK ROLLER, CARRIER ROLLER and TRACK CHAIN of XG135 to providing XCMG with chassis parts of all crawler excavator models. It Includes BUCKETS, BUCKET TEETHS, TRACK CHAIN, TRACK SHOES, IDLER, TRACK ROLLERS, CARRIER ROLLER, SPROCKETS, CHISELS, RIPPERS.

Our company is growing step by step, and we are looking for high-quality cooperative customers all over the world.

JULI Faces Difficulties And Grows Since 2019 To 2023

In 2023, China finally won the full end of the epidemic. It has also been an extremely difficult three years for JULI MACHINERY.

In the past three years, due to the epidemic, our company could not operate normally for a long time.

But fortunately we persevered, and our foreign trade volume did not decline, thanks to the strong support of our foreign customers.

In order to express our gratitude to our old customers for their support, our company has granted duty-free and freight preferential policies to some customers with large purchase volume within three years of the epidemic.

And of course in the New Year, We also hope that more and more foreign trade customers can cooperate with us. In Meantime, we also hope to export our high-quality Chinese products to all over the world. Such as TRACK ROLLER, TRACK LINK, TRACK SHOE, TRACK CHAIN, TRACK OIL CHIAN and CARRIER ROLLER, BUCKET, BUCKET TEETHES, IDLER, SPROCKETS and so on.

Challenges And Opportunities Coexist For JULI

We are at the intersection of two great opportunities. The Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation and the fourth Industrial Revolution, which are great development opportunities for our entire industry. JULI has a deep understanding of this. It can be said that without China’s reform and opening up, there would be no JULI. It is because the high development of Chinese society has made JULI a success.

The fourth Industrial Revolution is also a huge potential opportunity for us to develop. It may be a restructuring of our future business model, including a restructuring of enterprise management, operation, process, system, technology, method and concept, strategy and so on. We cannot underestimate this force. If we seize the opportunity of our time, we may rise again, from mediocrity to greatness. However, if we miss the opportunity, we may be as eliminated by The Times. Under such unprecedented changes, JULI is full of confidence in its future development:

  1. We are always positive and cautious about the market. Our overall judgment on the market is short-term volatility adjustment and long-term opportunity development. Generally speaking, the whole industry in the first quarter of 2023 faces a certain pressure, but as time goes by, the pressure will gradually ease, the annual domestic construction machinery market demand is expected to be better than last year. It is expected that the construction machinery industry will achieve qualitative and effective improvement and reasonable growth of quantity.
  2. For agents, we propose both internal and external repair, internal management efficiency, external market efficiency. At the same time, we believe that the agent and the Oems are a community of shared interests. In 2022, we will put forward the agent assistance management measures to guarantee the operation of the agent who is honest, compliant and healthy. We will work with millions of customers, agent partners, supplier partners adhere to long-term doctrine, together through the difficulties.
  3. In the face of industry competition, we adhere to the spirit of “no blow, no black, abide by the contract”. We always put customer value in the first place, reverence products, respect rivals, committed to creating a good competition ecology in the industry.
  4. In terms of the internal operation and management of the enterprise, the business philosophy of scale obeying efficiency, efficiency obeying brand and brand obeying values should be as strictly implemented to maintain the healthy, efficient and sustainable development of the enterprise itself.