I have been in these fields for more than ten years, starting as an apprentice repairing excavator, and step by step to now being an equipment maintenance worker. Along the way. I feel that everything in life is not that simple or easy.

Today, let’s talk about the simple inspection steps when there is a problem with the Komatsu excavator. In many cases, we often encounter problems such as the excavator vehicle is weak, the movement is slow, the independent movement is slow, weak, and the combined movement is not coordinated. Or the machine cannot operate. Black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe when the car is slowed down or the temperature continues to be high. . . There are many problems.

In many cases, the same fault condition can be caused by many factors. As a result, maintenance judgment is not very accurate in many cases. The money is spent, but the actual effect is not shown when the excavator suddenly appears and the entire vehicle is weak? When the posture is slow.

excavator track roller

Our first step is to determine whether the car engine is under load.

If the engine feels like it is revving at a high speed and is not producing any power. The elements at the engine level can be removed immediately. At this time, the first step is to ensure that the main primary working pressure of the excavator is within the specified value? If the main pressure is not enough, the pressure derived from the rocker cannot completely open the valve core of the multi-way valve. It will lead to slow movements and fatigue. (If the machine suddenly appears weak, moves slowly, or is unable to move, you need to check the control first).   

If you lead accurate measurement, there are also some requirements.

The main control is divided into one time and the second time to control the pressure. The main primary pressure refers to the working pressure from the main pump to the rocker, pedal valve, and vacuum solenoid valve. The dominant secondary pressure refers to the pressure derived from these components. The actual inspection steps can be imagined independently.

Part two! That’s when there is no problem with the first step of clearing. You need to check the main oil pressure derived from each action. The tonnage and working pressure of each machine are different. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s data for detailed information. When measuring accurately, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s specifications. It is better to have a large accelerator pedal, a super powerful mode, the gear oil temperature, and the water temperature to be at the normal operating temperature.

When the main work pressure is enough. (The car speed is normal) We have considered the flow problem of the hydraulic transmission system. The flow is low, thus causing the posture to be slow and appear weak. However, if the working pressure is sufficient, we can basically eliminate the problem of internal leakage in the main oil channel of the hydraulic transmission system. This is usually caused by the automatic control system or the variable mechanism of the hydraulic oil pump being stuck or the variable mechanism leaking. (Note that the main oil passage and the oil passage with independent variable structure are different). If the feedback pressure is normal, there is something wrong with the variable structure of the pump! (The booster, servo drive piston, main valve vacuum solenoid valve rather than the corresponding circuit may cause the flow to be limited to a small area). All of these can be checked.

However, there is no special tool for this inspection and it is not easy to start. What we have to do is whether the output voltage of the vacuum solenoid valve is normal? Is the vacuum solenoid valve stuck (all are easy to distinguish), the booster, the servo driver is active.The plug rod, main valve vacuum solenoid valve, not so much the corresponding power circuit problems (depending on the situation) can also cause the car engine to stall and slow down, emitting black smoke from the exhaust pipe, etc. Practical issues, in-depth analysis.

The second step we are talking about is the situation where the main work pressure is enough.

What if the main steam pressure is insufficient? What everyone is thinking about at this time is the slow posture and weak vehicle caused by internal leakage in the hydraulic transmission system. If the burden of each behavior of the vehicle is not enough, what we need to consider is the common system software. For example, the plan view of the main speed regulating valve, pressure relief valve, and hydraulic oil pump bladder. Naturally, each hydraulic transmission system model will have some differences. If I tell you everything here, I may feel sleepy and fall asleep after seeing it. (If a certain movement does not have enough pressure or the movement is slow, you can clear the common system software, such as losing your arms, or a certain movement is slow. This is all about loop issues). I once heard a friend say that no matter what, if someone else replaced the main speed control valve for him, it would still be the same. . . How to say this.

 It is not convenient to have too many reviews. Everyone has their own specialty. Especially the problem at the excavator level. Not all in time. There are always things you encounter and have never seen before. So I still like to read books. Every time you look at it, you will get a different pick-up. Komatsu multi-way valve. It seems to be relatively simple and easy to understand. But many key issues are closely related. Therefore, it is a bit nerve-wracking to analyze them together.

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